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In this episode we are giving focus to biodiversity and our dear forests. The mass extinction of life that we see today is something that is more serious than we know and discuss. Whilst the forestry industry is doing their best to make forestry look sustainable, we are losing more and more species everyday which has a direct negative ecological effect that most do not consider or even know about.  Joining me in this episode is Rebecka Le Moine, a biologist with a masters in ecology and nature conservation. Rebecka has also been a member of the Swedish Parliament since 2018.

What impact can forestry have on our health and close surroundings? Find out here on tellUs.

In this episode we promised to give a bit more information about the steps that are taken towards giving Mother Earth human rights. This is something really big and important and it makes me so happy to see these thing finally take form. Thank you everyone who everyday working for our dear planet! <3

Here is some links that I encourage you to check out to follow the beautiful projects that are happening around the world.

Read about Earths rights in UN here

Read more about the

actions taken here from End Ecoside Here

Read more articles here:

Three rivers with humans rights Wahington post

First river in the world in New Zealand with human rights BBC

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