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How to Replace an A22VG Hydraulic Pump

Disconnect the battery.

Disconnect the battery. This is a good time to check your battery connections, as well. If there's any corrosion, clean it off with baking soda and water.

Remove the air cleaner assembly and throttle body. Remove the air cleaner assembly and throttle body from the vehicle, if applicable.

Remove the engine fan shroud. Remove the engine fan shroud from above the radiator, if applicable.

Remove the power steering pump pulley. Remove the power steering pump pulley from its bracket by removing two bolts and disconnecting an electrical connector.

Disconnect hoses from pump inlet and outlet ports on hydraulic pump cover (on right side of engine). Disconnect hoses from pump inlet and outlet ports on hydraulic pump cover (on right side of engine).

Disconnect hoses and wires.

The Rexroth A22VG Hydraulic Pump is used on the rear axle of the Toyota Land Cruiser, Hilux and some other vehicles. The pump is powered by the engine through a belt and pulley system. The pump supplies oil to all four wheel brakes, as well as several other components in the rear axle. The pump is located at the top of the rear differential housing, and is often accessed by removing the exhaust pipe and an access panel on top of the vehicle's frame.

Remove the exhaust pipe from its hanger bracket if it hasn't already been removed. It may be necessary to remove some exhaust hangers from underneath the car as well.

Remove any wiring harnesses connected to the hydraulic pump assembly. Some models have wires attached directly to terminal blocks on either side of the rear differential housing. Some models have wire clips attached directly to terminal blocks with short electrical connectors that plug into them. Locate these wires and disconnect them from their connectors before removing them from their clips or terminals.

Remove the old pump.

The A22VG hydraulic pump is designed with a high-pressure seal and housing that can withstand a wide range of temperatures. It is also built to withstand high-pressure loads, making it an ideal replacement part for your Volvo truck. Because the pump is located in a difficult location, you will need to remove the old one before installing the new one.

Use a wrench to remove the bolts that secure the power steering rack to the frame, using a socket wrench. Remove the nut from the end of the steering shaft and pull it out of its housing. Remove any additional nuts or bolts holding down other accessories that may be attached to the steering system such as power steering cooler lines or anything else that might get in your way when removing the pump.

Place a floor jack under one side of the truck's frame and lower it until it rests on top of a sturdy piece of wood or other material so you do not damage any parts on your truck when lowering it onto the ground. Use safety straps or ratchet straps to secure the vehicle so it does not fall over while working underneath it.


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