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Win a dinner with Gaeya during
Folk alliance  international 

Kansas City February 1 - 5  2023

Get the opportunity to win a free dinner with the Swedish artist  GAEYA at the Folk Alliance International Festival in Kansas City. 

GAEYA - A Musical Experience that lets you reconnect with Mother Earth"

“Imagine you want to reconnect with Mother Earth. Then, GAEYA is for you. Rooted in Sweden, she blends Scandinavian mystery - driven by powerful vocals - with sounds of natural ancient worlds and ambient synth-soundscapes by converting them into atmospheric landscapes. GAEYA takes you on an immersive journey to a different place for you to explore the earth by getting drawn into freshly woven webs of intergalactic pop music and deep-rooted Nordic frequencies. GAEYA invokes a desire to return to nature. 

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