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(Sponsored by Tentipi)


GAEYA searched for an arena that would deliver a unique atmosphere that supported the message of sustainability. Whilst at the  2017 Riksgränsen Extreme Sports Gathering, glaring at the magnificent landscape above the arctic circle, surrounded by picturesque mountains, the idea of hosting a series of shows whilst basking in nature’s beauty was born. After testing the concept with Riksgränsen’s  receptive audience, The Tipi Tour was born.  


The Tipi Tour allows an audience to be brought closer to the Earth and share the euphoric experience, in an environment that takes us back to our roots around a glistening campfire, sharing stories and creating unity in the quest for change. Imagine walking through beautiful trails in the woods with the smell of a warm welcoming camp fire guiding you to an illuminated Tent. Upon entering, you’re invited to sit down on benches with warm blankets around the living fire in the centre of the Tipi. Gaeya then begins to take you down an elated journey with the soundscapes of nordic traditions mixed with other cultures that celebrate the Earth. Audience participation is encouraged throughout the evening using this a platform, to discuss sustainability and preservation of mother earth, as well as guests sharing their craft and experiences in this one of a kind setting. This intimate experience hosts 40 guests at a time not including musicians.

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